Wednesday, 29 April 2015

To vote Rahman, put your cross here . . . here, here and here

One of the traditional spectacles of elections in the UK, which everyone thoroughly enjoys, is watching a south Asian man staggering to the post office carrying a huge sack of fraudulent postal votes. Will he get there or instead collapse under the weight? Will the authorities nab him as he hands over all those forged or coerced signatures?
The answer to these questions is invariably yes, he will make it, and no, the authorities won’t even raise an eyebrow. This will happen up and down the land as May 7 approaches — in certain places, certain towns and cities.
If the journalists do their digging around we may find out about it six or seven years hence, and then we can wring our hands about how on earth we could let this sort of thing happen, such an affront to democracy and so on.
We will feel the same sense of

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